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Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta is a city with rich history that goes back all the way to the 19th century. It has been around through many challenges, including the Civil War, Great Depression, and more. Alpharetta started out as a rural area and remained that way until the late 1980’s. Over the last few decades, Alpharetta has grown at an incredibly fast rate.

A small town with only 3,000 residents now has well over 60,000 and is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. It is one of the most populous and affluent suburbs of Atlanta with a plethora of residential and commercial construction.

Alpharetta is mostly in North Fulton County, but also crosses over into Forsyth County. One of the things this area is best known for is the excellent schools and diverse communities. Alpharetta is proudly home of a beautiful downtown area, Avalon, North Point Mall, many parks and greenways, and is one of the best cities you can live in.

Another part of Alpharetta that is growing rapidly is its business and tech startup ecosystem. Over the last few years, it has even been called the “Silicon Valley of the southeast”. When living in Alpharetta, you will encounter many different types of businesses, both small and large.




Avalon: https://www.experienceavalon.com/
North Point Mall: https://www.northpointmall.com/en.html


Awesome Alpharetta: https://www.awesomealpharetta.com/
Events: https://www.awesomealpharetta.com/calendar/
Official Site: https://www.alpharetta.ga.us/
City Parks: https://www.alpharetta.ga.us/government/departments/recreation-parks/facilities/